News editor to deputy editor in another country: “I’ll have the webcam set up so you can hear and see us at the meeting. You don’t have to turn yours on so you can attend in your boxers and socks.”

Deputy editor: “Thongs. I’m wearing my pink one.”

News editor: “I hate you.”


Editor: “I don’t understand this Box …”

Photographer: “… Like Dropbox?”

Editor: “No it’s called Box.”

Photographer: “So it’s like a knockoff Dropbox —”

Editor: “Yeah I just don’t understand this.”

Photographer: “So why don’t you use Dropbox?”


Young reporter: “E-n-s-u-r-e isn’t a word is it? It’s insure with an ‘i,’ right? Ensure is a drink for old people, isn’t it?”

Editor (mortified, trying told back laughter): “Ensure is a word.”


Designer: “Obits need to jump.”

City Editor: “We don’t have room for that.”

Opinion Editor: “I guess all those dead people are just going to have to wait.”


Videographer talking about interviewing the resident of a house that was on fire: “She was worried about her hair. That’s the least of your worries, lady. Your damn house just burned down!”